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Detect the amount of data transferred under Windows 11 per application!

Easy Reset Windows 11!

I don't want my Windows 11 taskbar to be centered!

Activate the new on-screen keyboard in Windows 11 via the taskbar!

Turn off the Windows 11 PC properly!

Use the search in the Windows 11 settings!

Recognize 32 bit programs x32, x86 under Windows 11!

Always show the scroll bar in the Windows 11 settings!

Startup Folder and all User Startup Folder for Windows 11!

Find PowerShell on Windows 11!

What does -Updates are in progress- on Windows 11!

Explorer View Grouping, hows to turn off in Q-Dir list views!

Activate file extension in the file-type column!

Desktop Shortcut for Drives Safely Remove and Eject!

The Silver Aero Clock for Windows Desktops all OS!

Effective unlocking of gapped files under Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Image Comparison - Preview in Internal Explorer and Image Viewer!

Protect your hardware on the computer!

Keep the Microsoft Windows PC on or put to sleep!

Maybe the Windows 11, 10 problem is related to the faulty RAM update!

Detect the Folder Size, File Number and Folder Count!

Test your Lcd if it is OK or not OK!

CPU frequency query W10, W7 without if and but also V1 for W98!

Easy detect the Color Value RGB, HLS, .... like a Professional!

Virtual pointer stick, good for projectors and PowerPoint!

You're welcome! Notice that I don't care -)

Mouse traces of snow flakes under W10!

Adjustments of the digital desktop CLOCK on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Always Mouse Wheel for no focus Windows on all MS OS!

Quad Explorer with single window mode plus preview!

Add folder with subfolder and files to change the timestamp!

Favorites KOs for a quick termination of the windows processes!

Backing up and restoring the position of icons on your desktop!

Also as dark, eg Dark Theme Desktop Notes!

Windows BIN to ISO Converter Software for free 10, 8.1, 7.0 and MS Server Systems!

Simple Tunnel3dOK 1.03 OpenGL!

GetWindowText for Windows read out the window text on all OS!

The alternative Screen Magnifier for Windows The One-Loupe!

The Office picture extraction tool is in the wrong language, is it also possible in others?

The Stop Watch and Countdown Timer for Windows 11, 10, ... all MS OS!

Smart 3D Benchmark for MS Windows 11, 10, ... etc. and MS Server OS!

Manipulate, correct any time stamp of any Windows 11, 10, ... file and folder!

The alternative test page printout for all MS Windows 11, 10, ...  operating systems!

Need program for secure erase of memory cards for Windows 11, 10, ...!

GetWindowText and Copy Text To Clipboard

Can it be that Dir-Print-OK is slower from V3 on Windows 10/11?

Force logout from the info area of ​​the taskbar!

Disable blocking + switch to Please Sleep Mode!

Create a new scan profile in order not to repeat settings!

Technical information short how to, about Disk Space Analyzer for Windows!

Digital Desktop Clock plus Optional transparency on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7!

Why need to update Quad-Explorer for MS OS so often?

Jump to a certain point in the Explorer history / navigation!

Windows Explorer as the default file manager!

A short, how do I use the new file time stamp setter!

Simply switch from the administrator to the standard user in the program!

Features in Desktop-OK for Tray ergo Info area of ​​the Windows 11, 10, ... Task-Bar!

Why is in Desktop-OK the volume mixer?

Grouping of keyboard shortcuts Commands for fast insertion of texts!

Tips for quickly changing texts in Quick-Text-Paste!

Automatic paste texts under Windows, why, wath for?

The Automation category for Windows on Software OK!

Simply select similar photos with the keyboard!

Increase energy efficiency on Windows 11, 10, 8.1 Desktop and Server OS!

Use For Free the Software to make Scans to PDF on Windows!

Send PDF directly via e-mail over the program menu, very easy!

The fastest way to see the performance index under Windows 10 and 11!

Benchmark with anti-aliasing MSAA on Windows at 3D!

Expand desktop shortcut icons, or off, on Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Always start the Quad Explorer for Windows maximized!

Manage your own files in all four Explorer views!

The Quad Explorer on Windows 10/11 as a portable app in the Startup folder!

Save individual columns plus file explorer views under Win 10, 8.1, ...!

Activate and see more media columns in the Quad Explorer!

Permanently delete files from system default setting!

Quad Explorer: Quickly locate the windows working directory!

Activate or deactivate the auto update in Desktop-OK for Windows OS!

Enlarge Desktop icon space / distance in, Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

I'm looking for a Sticky Note alternative for Windows 11 and 10!

Windows 11 and 10 File Explorer search via file change time!

Windows 11, 10 File Explorer does not remember the selected objects when navigating!

OneDrive.exe - Invalid image on Windows 11/10!

Windows 11/10: How can I change the font size in Explorer?

Quick view and preview change Windows 11/10 (fast access)!

Block APPs and desktop programs under Windows 10 (prevent them from starting)!

Defender MSASCui.exe and MSASCuiL.exe are missing in the Windows 10 1809?

The virus scanner never finds anything, do I need something like this under Windows-10?

Adjust Internet Explorer 11 privacy and cookies settings on Windows 10!

Look at the logging of problems in Windows 10/11 event viewer!

Download a free Sonic Game to play on Windows!

Download Free alternative command prompt for Windows 11, 10, ...!

Chrome via desktop and quick launch bar as shortcut under Windows 10/11!

Windows 10/11 is suddenly black, and the Monitor is O.K, why?

Hotkey to switch between virtual desktops in Windows 10 / 11!

Free writing Program or APP for Windows 10 and 11!

Automatically expand folder in Windows 10/11 tree view (open)!

Windows 11/10 UAC activate customize!

Activate and Deactivate the Docking of Windows in Win 11 / 10!

Monochrome desktop backgrounds on Windows 11 or 10!

Enable standard desktop icons under Windows 11 or 10!

How do I move apps to a new virtual desktop on Windows 11 or 10?

High battery consumption from Windows 10, improve battery life!

Force in Windows 10 / 11 to log off plus other user accounts!

Troubleshooting tips for inkjet printers on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Disable all printers under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ... ?

Batch file with several commands output to text file Windows 11, 10, ...!

Activate debugging mode on Windows 10, but how?

Find installed programs and APPs on Windows 10 / 11!

Windows 10/11 start famous fax and scan feature!

Windows 10 / 11 and the Media-Payer 12!

Activate / deactivate the TelNet client under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Powerful sysdm.cpl ,3 command in Windows 10 / 11!

Mouse pointer and cursor options open faster on MS Windows 11, 10, ... OS!

At incorrect time Change the time zone in Windows 10/11!

The on-screen keyboard start automatically when logging in Windows 10/11?

Change the default Internet browser under Windows 10!

Disable Google Chrome auto update on Windows 10 or 11!

The screen goes off too fast and on the Windows 10/11 PC, why?

How to create a Diagonal Text in Word!

Disable and customize APPs Windows 10 notifications!

The accurate determination of the CPU frequency, exactly!

The improved Windows Command Prompt and Command Line!

7 solutions to open the Windows 11/10 control panel!

Find in Windows 10 / 11 SSD optimization and defragmenting!

Do I have Windows 10 Redstone 4 or 5 or Windows 11?

Free up memory usage in Windows 10/11 and space!

Open the Windows 10 or 11 disk management!

Here's how to reinstall Windows 10 without bloatware!

Via new setting uninstall Programs and APPs in Windows 10/11!

Open the Indexing Options in Windows 10/11!

With every update several gigabytes download, what am I doing wrong?

Reset Windows 10 at update problem (restore action)!

Autostart in the registry on Windows 11, 10, 8.1!

Run The Msi Afterburner also on Windows 10, 11!

Desktop Clock for the Easter Desktop Wallpaper!

Example 78 percent similarity in Find.Same.Images.OK!

Folder with the largest hard drive usage on Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 7)!

Pointer Stick Neon Yellow Metallic on Windows Desktop!

Activate tabs in Quad Explorer on Windows!

Lines in the Windows Explorer directory Tree with Q-Dir!

Explanation of the Windows 12 Classic Desktop Clock!

Copy Paste Text Without Formatting on Windows?

Create a new Favorite Run-Dialog Command, how to?

After a Windows 10/11 crash, the secure deletion of data is no longer possible!

How long does it take 35 times to overwrite files and random renaming?

Easy deleted on restart the temporary folder!

Defender slows down the development of applications, programs and APPs!

Trim string in cpp?

Hiding a hard drive partition or drive under Windows 11, 10 (8.1, 7)!

Why do I need the Windows Temp folder (11, 10, 8.1, 7)?

Activate mouse shadow in Windows, but how to?

Help, when opening the error message comes "gdiplus.dll required"?

What does System File Protection mean in Windows?

Start and run programs in Windows compatibility mode?

What does the gateway service do on my PC?

Sound Volume Settings for Apps and Programs in Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Clipboard access confirmation Internet Explorer, disable?

How to open Registry Editor on Windows?

Where can I find the Windows on-screen keyboard?

Reset local group policies under Windows 11, 10, ... via cms.exe!

Files that are younger than the date can be deleted via the command line!

Find out with PowerShell what is preventing shutdown and standby!

All WiFi / WLAN access points via command from the command prompt!

Synchronize the clock on your Windows 11, 10, ... etc. with a www time server!

Watch Star Wars Episode IV from Command Prompt!

Check whether the file is available with PowerShell under Windows 11, 10,8.1, ...!

Query processors from the computer via command line cmd.exe, but how?

Create multiple guest accounts on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, MS Server with commands?

Using PowerShell and CMD to delete complete directories, with examples?

Command to restart programs via command prompt?

Wi-Fi Password of your Current Network (show, find, hack)?

How to create at once several subfolders levels (commando-line)?

Missing attachments in Microsoft Outlook!

When writing with Word, switch to full page width!

What version of MS Office do I have?

Change the default Excel font in Excel for Office 365!

Delete a blank page in Microsoft Word, before do a Print Job!

The difference from MS 365 Office to 2016 Office!

How can I remove or uninstall from Windows the window read out text tool?

Uninstall, remove desktop aero clock, but how from MS Windows?

What is -fixed at this position- in the desktop clock?

Why unlock and delete Windows files?

Can I ignore file extensions when searching in Explorer view?

Is a silent and portable installation of Folder Printout Tool possible?

How can I print only the directory tree / folder structure?

Help I can't find duplicate pictures from my iPhone according to the instructions, why?

Are there any problems with this images comparison tool on Windows 10/11?

Difference between Quality and Performance in FindSameImagesOK?

Can I increase and share energy efficiency in the commercial area?

Adjusting font size for Program Elements on Windows 10/11?

Is it possible to adjust the Window animations under Windows 10 / 11?

Install fonts via Microsoft Store Windows 10 / 11!

Kids login protection under Windows 10 / 11 on tablet or desktop PC!

The correct size of the paging file in Windows 10/11?

How to find the Language and Region settings in Windows 10 and 11?

All network adapters under Windows 10 / 11 (see, deactivate, activate)?

How to create System Restore Point in Windows-10?

Windows 10/11 Volume Mixer Desktop Shortcut, how to create?

The screen magnifier in Windows 10/11, where is it?

My-Documents Windows 10 / 11, change the path, how to?

Set Windows 10 to the Default Boot Entry (operating system)?

For Crashes in Windows 10 and 11, using System File Checker!

Enable Remote Desktop on Windows-10 Home, how to?

Download Windows 10 all Version with Windows MediaCreationTool?

Downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7 or 8.1, can I uninstall it?

Mouse pointer shadow in Windows 10/11, (enable, disable)?

External drives are not displayed under Windows 10 (USB, HDD)?

Can I install Windows-10 from the USB stick, if so, how to?

Is it possible with slmgr -rearm to extend the Windows 10 trial period?

Enable, Confirm Dialog when delete files or folder in Windows 10, how to?

Run Windows 10/11 command prompt (cmd.exe) in administrator mode!

How to find on Windows 10/11 a downloaded program or APP?

How to show Program Name in Windows 10 Task-Bar (Title, Icons)?

Windows 10/11 desktop icons are so big, why, how to change this?

Auto login in Windows 10 without password?

Is an upgrading from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 possible?

How to use the Start screen instead of Classic Start menu in Windows-10?

PreventTurnOff: Program startup, when you reactivate the PC, Options?

The effective hibernation blocker always starts Disabled, why?

How can I set the Windows turn off timer / shut down (11 / 10 / 8.1 / 7)?

Start parameter in Don't Sleep, for example for a batch file?

Mouse pointer is constantly gone on Windows 11, 10, ..., why?

How does this touch screen test work on Windows OS?

Receiving parcels or sending parcels with the DHL Packstation, no problem?

Why should I replace / update my old computer monitor?

Use Windows 98 on Windows 10 2020 and 2021!

Printer connection and printing problems!

The remote desktop port in Windows?

Fix the Freeze on the Nintendo Wii U, but how (hang up)?

Steam games are started delayed when synchronizing with Steam-Cloud !?

Why is the AMD processor always behind INTEL?

How can I call anonymously via Phone or Smartphone so that my number is not recognized?

What is an atomic clock how to use?

What does total memory mean information like physical memory, ...?

Can I free share the smart Freeware Scan to PDF Windows Tool to all User?

Translate or change the Language, how to?

Save the Scans as JPEG files in WinScan2PDF, how to?

How can I exclude folders from the disk space analysis?

Open a second drive of folder in new window (Tab)?

The Office picture extraction tool is in the wrong language, can i change?

How to create a desktop background image collection for Windows 8.1?

Disable explorer auto expand in windows 8.1 / 10, how to ?

Disable numeric sorting in MS Explorer (file, folder Windows 10, 8.1) !

Help, no desktop shortcuts are possible on Windows 8.1 / 10, what am I doing wrong?

How to create Installation DVD from the ISO file of Windows 8.1 or 10!

How long has my Windows 8.1 or 10 PC been running?

The mouse track trails in Windows 8.1 and 10, can I disable this?

Windows 8.1/10: How to show  administrative  Management Tools in the Start Tiles!

Where can I find the file version history in Windows 8.1 / 10 (backup, security)!

On Windows 8.1 and 10, how to turn off the Internet?

How to customize Windows Smart Screen in Win 8.1 and 8 (turn-off, disable)!

Defragmenter in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (hard drives, optimization)!

Auto Shutdown the Windows 8.1 and 10 ergo Turn-off the PC!

How to add control panel to start menu in Windows 8.1/8?

Enable Quick Launch in Windows 8 desktop taskbar, how to?

How can i find and open the program folder in Windows 8.1/10? (location, file, path)

How to find the fonts and the fonts folder in MS Windows OS and Server?

How to change the Windows 8.1 / 8 indexing options (advanced searching)?

Create a screenshot in Windows 8.1 / 10 and auto-save as a file!

Uninstall or delete Windows 8.1 / 10 Applications!

Where is my computer on windows 8.1/10  to manage files and folders (open, find, start)?

How to open / run in Windows-8, 10 the 'Shut Down Windows' Dialog Box?

How can i add or change languages in Windows-10 and Win 8.1?

Create a Windows 8 and 8.1 desktop shortcut for fast shutdown, log off, restart?

How to open Windows 8.1 Control Panel (run, find, start)?

Help in Windows 8 is missing the old Start menu, how can i activate it?

Is kinokiste.to illegal or legal?

Terms of use I can't find facebook.com, is there such a thing as facebok.com terms and conditions!

Change the username and password (password) at facebook.com?

Problem PERL on ISS 7.5 MS Web Server, invalid character: "?

How to use voice search in Google Chrome on Windows?

How to delete or remove applications on Facebook.com and chainge the settings?

Compare two separate folders One is the SYSTEM font folder?

What is maximum number of hops to search for target host?

The Internet on the Samsung Galaxy is too slow, what to do?

How do I uninstall applications or apps on my Samsung?

How does the exact CPU frequency query work on MS Windows OS?

How can I create millions or billions of files please?

Who needs this stopwatch for Windows 11, 10, ... etc?

Can I use the desktop pixel query application on Windows 11?

What does restore the clipboard in Multi Clipboard slots on Windows 10 (8.1, 7)?

Pointer Stick and Portable + Windows 10 problems!?

Why the MS Explorer print function in the image reduction tool?

How can I remove the photo resizer app - uninstall it!  

Where can I find the download for a good alternative to Microsoft's Office?

Download Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 and test it!

Windows NET Framework Download 2.0, 3.5, 4.0!

Drop your own custom flakes on the desktop?

The last freeware author / programmer on the German network?

Portable rules from 2018, Windows 10, 8.1, 7!

What is Micro-Staff?

Can I use Magic-Mouse-Trails on Multi Monitor at Windows 10 or 7?

Who needs another 3D benchmark on Windows 11, 10, ... etc.?

Monitor status, temperature, status of the hard drives SSD, HHD, ...?

USB data rate for USB 3.2, 3.1, 3, 2, 1?

What do the letters in the Attributes column mean, such as: A, HS, R or RHSA?

USB Net Gross Data Rate, USB 3, 2, 1?

Multiple themed slots to save your desktop clock settings!

MS Shell folder menus and right-click function in Q-Dir!

Microsoft Onedrive and Explore Views problem affects folders and files contained!

Open in new process right-click menu, menu item removed in Ecxplorer Views?

Remove Quad-Directory-Explorer from Windows Autostart (Startup), how to?

Start the Explorer Q-Dir with last window position and view settings!

How to delete Autocomplete entries, strings, text entered by mistake or no longer wanted?

Enabling mouse over scrolling, i use the mouse scroll wheel!?

I would like to disable Auto-Expand of Folders!

Please explain: WARNING Once Q-Dir always Q-Dir?

How can edit or copy very long paths in Vista address bar?

Won´t do password protected FTP in Explorer Views Addressbar!

Can I somehow disable the click navigation sound on Windows 10/11 in Q-Dir?

Help: "Connection error" in Windows 10/11 when the folder is locked!

The difference in file explorer between favorites and Quick links?

How can i create a New-Folder in each explorer View?

Horizontal scrolling with always mouse wheel, how to?

Why do I have to start a *.bat file as an administrator under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ..?

What is the difference between setup and installation?

What is Windows Hello?

The mouse wheel settings Windows 11, 10, ... etc!

What is the difference between memory and hard disk space?

No password query under Windows despite screen saver, why?

TrueType fonts (TTF)?

Difference between CPU, FPU, GPU?

What is an integrated graphics card, do I have one?

Windows run dialog find and start?

Windows keyboard commands with examples for remote desktop?

What is the difference between a directory and a folder?

USB-3 is just as fast or slow as my USB-2, why?

Update now the Microsoft Office 365, 2019, 2016, ...!

What does WOW64 mean for Windows 10, 8.1, ... the MS operating systems?

The Windows key combination to start the task manager quickly and directly!

x86 and x32, what is what?

Can I still hide the desktop icons on Windows 11?

Can I run the ColorConsole as an administrator?

How to remove the raindrops from my Windows desktop?

Convert File Name to File Time Stamp - Example Android Smartphones!

Summer time and winter time make time stamp corrections for files and folders!

The second hand on the analog desktop clock on Windows is gone?

What is the frame rate of my Windows 11, 10, ... monitor?

Can I adjust the power plan under Windows 11?

Why can't I align the Windows 11 taskbar: left, right?

Activate / deactivate word suggestions when entering text under Windows 11!

Checkbox in Windows 11 File Explorer!

Can i use 32-bit programs under Windows 11 x64?

Deactivate the Windows 11 grouping in the file explorer!

How can I activate / deactivate the mouse trails in Windows 11?

Where can I find the contrast designs for poor eyesight in Windows 11?

Windows 11 login with PIN and without PIN?

Surf and work with a guest account rather than with a standard user under Windows 11!

Check Windows 11 Bluetooth connection and adapter!

Disable files, folders, apps, recently used in the Windows 11 Start!

Set the default printer for Windows 11!

How long does it take to install Windows 11?

Get a grip on hanging programs and apps as administrator!

Enable Shutdown feature in Windows To-Tray area!

For what four different duration of Benschmarks?

The Calculator OK shows me period and not comma, why?

Camera Noise in Screenshot Feature for Windows in Desktop-OK?

Change Windows Desktop Icon Size and View, plus save!

How can I minimize the other programs to tray, on Windows 11, 10, ...?

Command line option to save or load the icons layout directly from a file?

Insert texts and execute commands as administrator and standard user!

Problem keyboard shortcuts commands in Windows 10/11 to insert text?

QuickTextPaste in Programs(x86) or Programs?

How work the Paste HTML command in QuickTextPaste?

Automated date and time format in QTP for MS Windows 11, 10, ... OS!

If I manage to remove all viruses, is my Windows 11, 10, ... PC virus-free?

Can I really share the desktop notes program with everyone?

Set default Font for the Desktop Short Note!

Can I continue to use the desktop calendar under Windows 11?

I do not want to keep the calendar running in the background!

Is remote support also possible with Window-7 (Starter / Pro)?

Eject the CD or DVD Drive via the Desktop Context Menu or Keyboard Shortcut, how to?

Change Shared Folders and Hard Drives in Windows 7 or add and remove!

Windows 7 fax and scan, how to find?

Turn-off the Windows 7 to a specific time without and with additional software (shutdown.exe)?

Change your Account Picture in Windows-7 or Browse for new Account Image!

How to display my Computer as a menu in Windows-7 start menu?

How to turn off the intuitive filename sorting in Windows 7, if so, how?

How to change Computer name and workgroup name (settings) in Windows 7?

Help, Windows 7 has no games (find, install, play)?

How can I activate the Preview feature in Windows 7 Explorer?

What is the difference between Windows 7 Home, Professional, and Ultimate?

How big should be the Windows 7 disk partition?

Can I download the Windows 7 test version (2019)?

Remove My magazine from home screen start on the Android smart phone!

What is UEFI firmware?

What is a USB stick?

What is Command Prompt?

What is Num Lock?

What is Windows 10X?

What is a joystick?

What is remote access?

What is Pay Per Sale?

What is the Mandela Effect?

What is a network administrator?

What is tmp?

What are printer settings?

What is a read-only file?

What does anonymous calling mean?

IRQ conflict, what is that please?

What is a page break?

What is a floating point number?

What is a cortana?

What is a Zip Folder Directory?

What is a paper hole punch?

What are system properties?

What is Creators, Redstone, Threshold?

What is an EXE file?

Core-X architecture?

What is a tablet?

What is a SD memory card?

What is a function?

File and Files?

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